Solution [New FW]: Firmware 2.2 for WirelessMedia is coming !



  • [New FW]: Firmware 2.2 for WirelessMedia is coming !



    Grastron announces the latest “WirelessMedia” firmware, “Firmware 2.2”, to bring the wireless collaboration/presentation product to an unprecedented higher standard, with more than you expected.


    Firmware 2.2 is a newly-release firmware, which will be implemented for the whole series of the “WirelessMedia” product, including WMB1 standard model, and also the WML lite model. It polishes the “WirelessMedia” model from the brand new angles, more windows, more quick, more auto and more support. In a word, it’s MORE WORKABLE than SHOWABLE.

    The wireless transmission preformation is the foundation of wireless collaboration application as basis and backbone, which relied much on the wireless transmission hardware and of course, the protocol as well. Thus, any break-through on these two aspects will bring the wireless user experience to be new generation.


    In addition, as our research, the wireless “mirroring” function is used in the wireless collaboration or presentation product for about 70 percent time in everyday usage, compared with other functions. Any improvement on the “Mirroring” will be the straight-forward way to make it more workable.

     Compared with the unmanaged meeting like brainstorm, preview WindowsT gives a temporary possibility for a meeting presenter to preview the entire list of the connected lap-tops, before selecting any one to be mirrored on the main screen, in order to avoid the mistake selection or unready selection during a managed meeting. The diagram is shown as below


     Low latency mouse is a patented technology to decrease the mouse cursor latency to be the extremely lowest as 20ms, to enable the possibility that, any presenter can watch the main screen while operating the mouse as operating it’s own lap-top. The technology is illustrated as below


     HDMI auto-switch, is a new application or implement on the wireless product, by detecting of the AUX HDMI input and wireless input, to enable the unaware auto-switch upon the HDMI plug-in or the wireless mirroring click. User will feel it switches as it’s expected to from instinct. 

     In last weeks, Apple announces the airplay 2 developer firmware, and released the latest IOS version 11.3 with a new airplay inside it. To support this new IOS 11.3 is very important for most updated IOS user and be a correct way to follow up the Airplay 2.



    Released By WirelessMedia Tech Product Team