Solution [New Tech]: WirelessMedia-C kits, full-HD wireless collabortion solution !



  • [New Tech]: WirelessMedia-C kits, full-HD wireless collabortion solution !


    Grastron releases the latest wireless collaboration kits, “WirelessMedia-C”, to give the power to handle the full-HD wireless bi-direction transmission in the longest distance.

    Wireless collaboration kits include a “WirelessMedia-C module” and FW package “Launcher”. "WirelessMedia-C module” is a high-performance WIFI transceiver, to be built both in transmitter and base unit. “Launcher” is an software client application, running in Lap-top for setting up the data transmission channel.

    The wireless transmission preformation is the foundation of wireless collaboration application, where the wireless transmission hardware and protocol is critical as the basis and backbone. The specification of the wireless transmission can be a criteria. 

    “WirelessMedia-C” Wireless-1080P doesn’t compromise to use a tricky way of downscale-transfer-upscaler the 1080P full-HD resolution input signal, but transfer the Full-HD source straight-forward via wireless network to the base unit, without the reduction on pixels.

    “WirelessMedia-C” H.264 adopts the acknowledged or well-known cost-effective H.264 codec to encode the input source in a much optimized efficiency, and decode it back to be original signal.

    “WirelessMedia-C” 11.AC adopts IEEE 802.11ac (1Gbps maximum bit rate), which is three times faster than IEEE 802.11n (450 Mbps maximum bit rate). And, 1920x1080 requires at least 74Mhz bandwidth, where 802.11ac can support it (max 160MHz).

    A comparison of current wireless AV technologies

    Wireless bandwidth required by various resolutions

    “WirelessMedia-C” 35M optimizes the codec and the WIFI transceiver, to enable the wireless transmission distance up to 115 feet (35 meters) between the transmitter and the base unit.

    WI-FI Wireless DATA transfer speed chart

    “WirelessMedia-C” Uncompressed Input enables WMB1 to have an uncompressed HDMI 2.0 input up to 4K60Hz 4:4:4 definition, when the presenter wants to show a high-pixel, uncompressing, zero-latency presentation, such like high-definition pictures, high-motion videos or accurate artworks etc.

    “WirelessMedia-C” AUTO-PASSWORD, creates a configurable of time, auto-changeable WIFI password, to be the only/unique login password for PC or hand-held devices to connect the base unit and mirror to the screen. Auto-Password® is a Patented Technology. 

    “WirelessMedia-C” Real-time RV (Remote View) enables a real-time remote view feature, for the audience with hand-held smart devices to follow up the screen when an active signal is been presenting, than a webslide to show 5/10s refresh rate per second.

    The “Launcher” PC Console generates a visual control button / console on the PC/Lap-top, to enable many real-time operations during presentation without stopping the presentation.

    Released by WirelessMedia Tech Team